How to activate your ticket:
1. Join the Minecraft server
2. Wait up to 30 seconds or wait until you see “Order marked complete” in chat.
3. If during step 2 you recieve any errors please contact us with the time of your order retrieval at

Since you stumbled across this page before any announcement went out we don’t know when the event will take place. We hope to have this information soon.

Yes! This time around we managed to offer the server to Java and bedrock! We do advise Java edition since this will run more smoothly with our servers but bedrock should work no problem!

Bedrock edition INCLUDES:
– Pocket edition (Phone or ipad)
– Windows 10 Edition
– Any platform that supports entering custom IP adresses.

– Older Xbox editions
– Older PlayStation editions

For more advanced users: Yes this makes use of Geyser/Floodgate and we do allow connections from Xbox/PlayStation but do not support it.

How to add custom IP’s to bedrock edition minecraft:
1. Open the app
2. Press play
3. Press servers on the top right
4. Scroll down to the bottom
5. Press “Add Server”
6. Under ‘Server Name’ enter any name of your choice. This does not affect the server itself
7. Under ‘Server address’ enter if you are from or near Europe and enter if you are from or near North America
8. Press Save
9. Your server has been added! You can enter it by highlighting it and pressing ‘Join server’